This banner features ripe pine corns above Tandin Ney in Thimphu. Picture taken on April 15.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Images from Kapilavastu

This are the ruins of the western gate of Kapilavastu Palace in the Rupendehi district of Nepal. It is believed to have been heavily fortified. Gautama Buddha lived within the walls of this palace for 29 years of his life before renouncing the worldly life. Suddhodana, Lord Buddha's father, was a powerful Sakya king. Sakya kingdom, which included the Lumbini area, was later destroyed by a rival king and all members of the clan killed.  

Archaeologists have unearthed coins with Sakya inscriptions from this square area near the western gate of Kapilavastu Palace. People today believe that this would have been the exact spot where coins were minted before the palace was sacked. The moat is believed to have been beyond this gate and falls outside the enclosure today.  

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